Harbor Days 2015 - Run For Nature
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Harbor Days 2015 - Run For Nature Sponsorship Opportunities
Harbor Days - Run For Nature Aug. 2nd.,is organized by Winthrop Harbor Tourism, a 501(c)3 charity. We are actively seeking sponsors and exhibitors to showcase products and services at our events, which attract thousands of visitors from Chicago, Milwaukee and the many towns and suburbs between. If you are interested in making a donation, setting up an exhibitor booth or sponsoring a segment of the run, please complete the sponsors application. Run sponsorship not only gives you access to the many runners and their families but to the more than 25,000 visitors expected during the Harbor Days weekend which features; Skipper Buds In-Water Boat Show, Live Music daily, Fireworks, and a full day of "Dog Days" that attract and keep the many festival guests. Contact  kathryn.pandazi@digity.me   or John@WinthropHarborTourism.com for more information on being a sponsor

5 K Course Sponsors: 
10 K Course Sponsors: 

Course sponsors will receive branding placement for their specific section of the course, volunteers assigned to your section of the course will wear shirts branded and designed to promote your organization.  Course Sponsors- Marketing materials will be inserted into runner’s bags, medium size logo on the back of the race shirt, and logo placement in the sponsors and appropriate section of the event website, finish line booth space, presentation rights, and the option to provide pre-race clinics. Charitable Contribution.  Run Course: Includes the following branding:
*     Recognition in all local media venues and printed materials 
*     Link/Recognition on website through September 2015
*     Turn by turn branding
*     Mile Marker branding
*     Four(4) Run Registrations
*     5 K & 10K Run recognition at the start of the race and at awards for runners

Water Stop Sponsor -   Charitable Contribution • Recognition in all local media venues and printed materials • Recognition on website through September 2015 • Sponsor Supplied Water Stop Signage • Link/Recognition on Website. 
RACE TIMING SPONSOR -  • Recognition on all race advertising as sponsor of the electronic timing used at race. • Name/Logo on Banner displayed at race as race timing sponsor. • Logo featured on back of t-shirt. • Link/Recognition on Website. • Recognition at Registration Table and in Runner’s Packet. • Marketing materials inserted into runner’s bags • Charitable Donation
Team of 10  Charitable Contribution
Team of 5:  Charitable Contribution
​(Add $100 per athlete for every additional participant if you have more than 5 but less than 10 people.)
Charities, organization, clubs, businesses, and corporations are presented a unique opportunity to sponsor a team and support either the charitable organization of their choice, or The Illinois Nature Preserve. 
Are you on a team? Use this as a fund raising opportunity and obtain your own sponsors.
Team Sponsors: Included in this package are:
• 10x10 Finish Line Booth Space 
• Charitable Donation

Marketing materials inserted into runner’s bags 
VIRTUAL BRANDING (Web site and social media)
Medium Logo with Web link  
Small Logo  
Medium Logo  
Small Logo 
Banner (72” X 32”)  
Banner Design (basic) 
Charitable Donation (Bring your own)  

Festival Booth Space
(You supply 10 x 10 Tent and volunteers) 

Each of the following options is a 5/10 K RUN service and/or products based opportunity to participate in the event sponsorship program. When and where applicable, a service may be provided or product(s) donated to the event. Each of these services provides great value to the event. The standard 5/10 K RUN Sponsorship package is valued at $1000.00, where in lieu of payment and branding placement, this program is for sponsors whose product or service not only supports the event but allows the presence of the product or service to supplement as the branding placement. Additional branding may be procured through A La Carte sponsorship included in this sponsorship program are the following:
Where applicable, sponsor to advise on space requirements needed to support athletes at the finish line.
• Sponsor to bring their own volunteers qualified to support the service provided.
• Sponsor to provide enough products to last the duration of the event and to support all registered athletes.
• Sponsor to supply marketing material for the event
• 10 x 10 Booth Space at the Finish Line
• Permitted to sell product.
• Applicable Logo placement in the event details on the event website
• Small Size Logo on any additional event marketing materials
• Sponsor to provide branding materials
The following are examples of 5/10 K RUN Sponsorships Available.
The events are not limited to these examples. 
• City Based Packet Pickup
• Course Nutrition
• Event Doctor and Injury Prevention
• Finish Line Food
• Event Printing
 If you are interested in more information, please contact  kathryn.pandazi@digity.me
Sponsors must provide camera ready copy of Logos 

Download Run Maps     5 K       10 K
Some options, by their nature, are limited in number. In those cases, we will award contracts on a first come basis.