Harbor Days 2015 - Run For Nature
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Running through Illinois Beach North Unit will provide you with breathtaking views.
We have secured permits to run the trails in the Nature Preserve. This unique habitat is a treasure for all nature lovers. The 10K run loops along Lake Michigan and at several points gives you views of Chicago nearly 40 miles away. 
The Run For Nature brings together so many great activities for what could be a great weekend experience.
Spring Bluff is the 5K section of the run 
Receiving a platinum award for natural restoration, this site is a jewel. You might spot great heron, or sandhill cranes fly over and give you and encouraging call. 
Harbor Days 3 day Festival. 
Live music, food and drink will await you after the run or come early to pick up your race pack and enjoy the party
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"Harbor Days 2015 - Run For Nature promises to be an awesome run- register NOW!"
Harbor Days 2015 - Run For Nature  News
Registration Opens
The registration is now open for both the 5K and 10K Runs. 
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