Harbor Days 2015 - Run For Nature
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The 5K route in red begins at Festival Grounds home of Harbor Days, winds through part of the marina and along North Beach. then west and a beautiful run south through Spring Bluff Nature Preserve. Stay on the trail since this is a very fragile eco-system with many rare and endangered plants and animals. Leaving the Nature Preserve you will run east towards Lake Michigan, along North Point Marina and turn-around at a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan with views of Chicago 40 miles away.
For those doing the 10K run in Blue, you will begin like the 5K but travel south east through Illinois Beach State Park/Nature Preserve. Stunning vistas await you at every turn, wildflowers abound, maybe even spot a family of deer or a red-tailed hawk, remember to stay on this gravel trail to protect the surroundings. You will make your turn around near the sandy shore of Lake Michigan continuing through oak savannas, broad prairies and back to the Marina and the Party at Harbor Days.